Wiko Getaway

Download Wiko Getaway USB Drivers Latest VersionWiko Getaway

Wiko USB Drivers Is very important and required files that manage you connecting your Wiko Getaway to PC.

Wiko Getaway USB Drivers it compatible with all windows version and it also fixes USB device not recognized problems.

So when you installing Wiko Getaway Drivers on your PC you can connect your Wiko Getaway to transfer data (normal connecting), and also connect your Device to Flash and upgrade Stock ROM (Firmware).

Download Wiko Getaway USB Drivers.


Quick Wiko Getaway USB Driver Installation Guide.

publish Drivers step1

Step 1: Extract The Drivers File.

Step 2: Run Setup File.


Wiko Getaway Drivers step 2

Step 3: Click next then click install.

Step 4: Wait one minute.


Wiko Getaway Drivers step 3

Step 5: Click Finish Button.

Step 6: Now connect your Wiko Getaway Device.

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